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Take Your 'Sub4sub' And Shove It

December 18th, 2011

Lately I’ve been getting more and more PM’s on all of my main youtube channels that are trying to get me to use various ‘sub4sub’ websites to gain subscribers. First, they’re not even individual messages.  Invariably I scroll down to see the part of the message that says who it’s sent to and it has […]

The Latest Aggravation

December 2nd, 2011

There are a wealth of things (and people!) that I find aggravating to one degree or another.  Some of Bob’s excesses is one example.  The overall rudeness of most people is another.  Then there’s the skyrocketing cost of just about everything. The latest addition to this list is the changes that youtube pushed out yesterday […]

Bob's Newest Excess

November 20th, 2011

Things have been really quiet lately where Bob is concerned.  In fact, it’s been more than a little bit TOO quiet.  I mean normally he’s at least complaining to me about something just about every day.  Frequently he manages to be in my face about something (usually something expensive he wants me to buy for […]

People are in such a blasted hurry these days that they all too often don’t even bother to answer their voice mail. This is particularly annoying when it’s a business. I mean you’d think that a business would be especailly interested in following up on incoming voice mail because you never know when it’s a […]

Bob Strikes Again

November 6th, 2011

Recently I mentioned that since Bob has returned from the Minecraft universe that he has quickly reverted to his old pattern of odd habits and strange forms of excess.  Today was no exception.  I saw him in my office this morning.  He was surrounded by no less than twenty five newspapers.  All of them were […]

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