Three Boobs Burn Cross

Believe it or not it does actually still happen. I guess some people actually work at being stupid.

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Does The TSA FINALLY Have A Good Idea?

While I admit it’s not exactly the most likely thing to ever happen but it is at least theoretically possible that the TSA might just actually have a good idea. Something that would put an end to the controversies of racial profiling and the nude body scanners or those obscene pat down searches.

Watch this report and decide for yourself!

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A Nasty Breeze Blowing

I hear that there’s a really nasty breeze blowing in Washington DC. Apparently the city is encrusted with foul air. Not only that but it looks like Obama is involved!

Details in the video!!

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Farting in the News

Here’s something refreshing, the news with farts and a “brown hurricane” in Texas.

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