Keyboard Fun

Among the many varietys of “fun” that I’ve been having lately is “keyboard fun”. This does not mean that I’ve been enjoying the use of some keyboard instrument.

Rather it’s a thin sarcasm aimed at my keyboard. It’s a good one, or at least it was.

It’s a Dell keyboard no more than a couple of years old. It looks great, low profile black desing that I really prefer.

However it’s been having a lot of sticky key problems. Sometimes a key will stick in the down position. This can be hard to spot sometimes if the key is caps-lock, control, alt or shift when you’re using it to control a game.

Then I switch to a text editor or email program and find myself writing in all upper case, caps don’t seem to work, or even times when nothing appears to work.

The other kind of problem is when I’m typing and some key or other just doesn’t work for a second or three. Suddenly I can find myself writing that email and I’ll see something like musiansfriends instead of Musician’s Friend when I’m answering somebody’s question about what is Joey’s favorite place to shop.

It makes for what must be 50 times as many typos to fix than there normally are.

too bad I can’t just run out and get a new keyboard.

A Faint Hope

For several months now there’s been rumors going back and forth about how yoga guy is planning to move to another town, leaving Nutjob Hills in literal peace.

Of course these rumors have been flying in both directions. Some insist that he’s definitely moving, others claim that the appearance of moving is all part of some nefarious plan that will end in hideous noise that none in our small but fair city can escape.

I try not to pay much attention to the rumors or the various and sundry discussions about which of them is true. Instead I rely on my own observations. Frankly there’s not been much to observe. Yoga guy has been about his usual routine for most of this time. However this morning I saw a truck in front of his house.

This in and of itself is not all that remarkable. He’s frequently taking delivery of assorted musical gear. His account at is quite probably one of the most active they’ve got.

The thing that was different this time however is that instead of offloading stuff from the truck, he was supervising as some workers loaded several large crates onto the truck.

Could this be a sign he’s leaving? Or is something else going on here?

I Don’t Dance. Ever

Anyone who knows me should know full well that dancing is something that I simply don’t do. Ever. For no reason. It’s just not my thing. I’m not coordinated in the right ways, I’m ultra self-concious when attempting it and finally, I just plain don’t want to.

So all of a sudden recently a guy started showing up at the Nutjob Hills Diner trying to convince everybody that they should all take wedding dance lessons from the Dance Doctor. When he came around to me I’d already heard his schpiel while he was at the table next to mine.

I told him that I wasn’t interested and all I wanted to do was enjoy my morning coffee in peace.

An intelligent person would have taken that as enough of a hint that they should simply move on.

This dimwit who shall remain nameless continued to pester me about something that I told him six times I was not interested in until finally I’d had it. I got up, paid for my coffee, said something to the waitress about how they should do something about the pest problem and left.

4AM Strings

Yoga guy is at it again. After an unexplained but very welcome respite in his nightly campaign to see to it that nobody within three blocks can sleep at four in the morning, he’s back at it.

Apparently he’s once again recruiting anyone that thinks they might have what it takes to play a guitar. He tells them they can get a quality instrument from musician friend (which I’m sure they can) and then when they show up with their new instrument, he gives them a four page “lesson” titled “how to play the guitar”.

Somehow he’s got them believing that this “revolutionary new technique” will make master players of them in a scant seventy six hours.

What it actually did is produce people who were quite willing to perform at one of his four A.M. “concerts” in his front yard while he did his yoga exercises.

Not Even Close

It seems that Nutjob Hills has recently gained another aspiring “Mr. Helpful”. Dins is a decent enough guy and he really does mean well however some of his “help” leaves a bit to be desired.

For example I overheard him talking to somebody at the Nutjob Hills Diner the other day. He was telling them that he could get them a serious break on their car insurance. He handed them a card with a website address on it.

The next day I was there when that person saw him again. Seems that while the company Dins gave them a link to has pretty good deals, they are for auto insurance in burlington. This is all fine and dandy but Nutjob Hills is a LONG way from burlington and insurance for there isn’t really going to cut it here.