For All The Gifted Ladies

I was out at the Nutjob Hills Grocery, Bait shop and Tire Center the other day when something really unfair happened.

You see, the grocery checkout is staffed by some very attractive young ladies. The only problem is that these women frequently wear tops that are, to say the very least, revealing. To be more specific, the girl at the checkout this time was, shall we say, rather gifted and she had chosen to display as much of that “gift” as she could get away with without being cited for indecent exposure.

Seriously, her top was cut nearly to her navel and it was also quite obvious that she was not wearing a bra either.

Naturally, being a reasonably normal unattached human male, I looked. And no, I didn’t stare like some 16 year old seeing beauties like that for the first time. I was quite discreet, forcing myself to not look directly at them. Yet she still gave me a dirty look as she slammed the receipt into my hand.

I consider this kind of thing to be one of many examples of the double standard that women everywhere seem to enjoy on a regular basis.

I’m here to say that this is bullshit.

Ladies, when you wear skimpy low cut tops you have no right to get pissed when somebody looks at your tits.

If you have the guts to wear something that can barely contain them, then you have to realize that they are going to get looked at. It’s just a fact of life.

In short, If you don’t want people looking at your tits, COVER THEM UP!

It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane!

Well it may be a bird and it might even be a plane but the one thing that I’m pretty sure it’s not is Bob.

The latest rumor about Bob and why he is missing and what he may be doing these days is that he’s gone into hiding to take on a secret identity as a superhero type after the fashion of Iron Man.

According to the latest urban legend Bob has built a secret lab where he spent a lot of the last two months or more creating a suit of cybernetic armor and has since been using it to perform Iron Man style superhero antics all over the place.

This rumor wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that, believe it or not, Bob has quite a few fans. Some of these fans have decided to emulate his alleged superhero actions and more than a few have been injured in the process. Most are minor injuries but at least one has ended up needing bulging disc surgery for a condition that was the direct result of attempting to fly using some home made armor powered by fireworks.

The armor prevented severe burns but could not avoid a serious back injury when the would be superhero jumped off of a three story building before igniting his “rocket jets”

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Really? I Don’t Think So

I know that Bob fancies himself to be very much the “ladies man” type. You know, the guy that’s always surrounded by hot women that just can’t seem to get enough of him? Well, Bob may think of himself as such but the cold harsh reality is that he’s mostly a wanna-be when it comes to the ladies.

In his case I think it’s because he just plain tries too hard in all the wrong ways. A good example is the time he had a chance to actually make a good impression with a particularly nice woman. What did he do? He sent her a full collection of lingerie from the “Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild” collection. Needless to say she wasn’t all that impressed. In fact, she sent it back to him.

Postage due.

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Close But No Cigar

In the ongoing case of Bob’s disappearance there’s been an incredible wealth of rumor about where he’s gone and what he’s up to.

Recently there’s been a number of rumors that would indicate that he has become an undercover operative investigating a worldwide pool scam. Offered as so-called ‘evidence’ is the claim that before he left Bob ordered two cases of cao cigars online because he felt he needed them to blend in with the quote international pool underground unquote.

I have three things to say about this.

1. There is no such thing as an international pool underground. Why should there be? There’s nothing wrong with playing pool.

2. Bob doesn’t smoke. pipes, cigarettes OR cigars. never has, never will.

3. Even if 1 and 2 were not true, Bob couldn’t play pool if he wanted to. He’s only about two and a half times the size of the balls. He couldn’t even lift one of them, never mind a cue stick.

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Take Your ‘Sub4sub’ And Shove It

Lately I’ve been getting more and more PM’s on all of my main youtube channels that are trying to get me to use various ‘sub4sub’ websites to gain subscribers.

First, they’re not even individual messages. Invariably I scroll down to see the part of the message that says who it’s sent to and it has been sent to 10 or 20 people at a time. a clear indication that it’s spam.

Second, ‘Sub4sub’ is an idiotic scam. It is promoted by people that have the mistaken identity that merely having lots of subscribers is what you need on youtube.

This is incorrect.

While having more subscribers is good, it is worthless if those subscribers do not actually watch your videos. What good is it to have 100,000 subscribers if only a few hundred bother to actually watch any of your videos?

Answer: None.

I would much rather have 2,000 loyal subscribers if most of them were actually watching my videos.

subscribers are important, don’t get me wrong. however actual video views is much more important than the number of subscribers.

Therefore if you plan to send me an invitation to join some sub4sub group, take that invitation and shove it up your arse . . . sideways.

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