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I know *I* have never heard of Breast Milk Ice Cream before that’s for certain! Apparently however, it’s for real.  Or at least it was until London officials confiscated the supply of the ice cream that a London shop was marketing under the name “Baby Gaga”. They said that it was unsafe because viruses such […]

The Doubter

February 23rd, 2011

So this morning I am minding my own business, sitting at the Nutjob Hills Diner, having my coffee when this total stranger walks in.  He took a moment to look around and then headed in my direction.  Five seconds later he was sitting down at my table as if we were old buddies or I […]

I was in the Nutjob Hills Diner the other day when I saw someone that looked sorta kinda a little bit familiar.  The thing is though that I could not quite place who he was no matter how hard I tried. Finally I had to ask, “Excuse me but you look really familiar but I […]

Got a youtube channel? Looking for some free promotion to help get it noticed? Then I’ve got something you’ll want to check out.  Have a look at HamBroadcasts Youtube channel Promoting other channels is all that one is about.  All you need to do is contact him in a private message on Youtube.  He’ll get […]

In the most recent episode of “Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to)“, one of the videos that was featured was this parody of Lady Gaga’s hit song, “Bad Romance”.  I fully expect this video to go full blown viral and appear all over the place. It was created by a soon to be […]

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