Ever Heard of Breast milk ice cream?

I know *I* have never heard of Breast Milk Ice Cream before that’s for certain!

Apparently however, it’s for real. Or at least it was until London officials confiscated the supply of the ice cream that a London shop was marketing under the name “Baby Gaga”.

They said that it was unsafe because viruses such as hepatitis can be passed on through breast milk. The company said that they screened the milk with the same requirements used for screening blood donors before it was pasteurized and churned with vanilla beans and lemon zest.

I have to say that it’s more than a bit pricey. It is served in a martini glass and sells for 14 pounds (That’s about $22.50 USD).

What I’d like to know however is just exactly what it is that made anybody think that this would be any kind of a good idea at all.

Frankly, this has GOT to be one of the fraking weirdest ideas I’ve heard of in a LONG time and trust me, I’ve heard some real whoppers in my 51 years. I mean, I thought Nutjob Hills had a lot of “eccentric” people. London must be packed to the gills with ’em!

Oh, and if you think I’m making this up, read the AP story about it here

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The Doubter

So this morning I am minding my own business, sitting at the Nutjob Hills Diner, having my coffee when this total stranger walks in. He took a moment to look around and then headed in my direction. Five seconds later he was sitting down at my table as if we were old buddies or I had invited him and somehow forgotten.

Obviously not of course. I don’t voluntarily share my morning coffee time with very many people and strangers I’ve never seen are on the bottom of the list right next to politicians and lawyers.

His self important butt had no sooner begun to make an impression on the seat when his mouth opened and he began demanding that I show him proof of the claims that I have made that the best acne treatment in the world was made from a popular sandwich spread and that I needed to produce the clinical studies to back up my claims.

I have to say that I am quite proud of my reaction. As much as I wanted to kick him in the shins under the table while jack-slapping him above it, I sat there calmly and waited for him to finish his tirade of demands.

“Are you finished?” I asked. “is there anything else you want to add to that list?”. “No.” he replied. “I think that about covers it.”

That’s when I proceeded to let him have it. I informed him that first of all, I have not at any time made any such claims that the concoction based on sandwich spread was the best acne treatment in the world. The person who created it did that and *he* did so based on his own experience with it and that of other people that he has sold it to. *I* merely reported the story, with a fair bit of skepticism on my part, which he would have noticed if he had bothered to actually read what I’ve written about it.

Secondly if he really wanted detailed information about the claims made about it he should contact the person who invented it and not go bothering writers in the middle of their morning coffee.

Thirdly I told him that sitting at my table is by invitation only and that he was the wrong gender for me consider inviting to my table without having pre-arranged a meeting to discuss a business matter.

Then, just for good measure, I decided to throw in a little something extra to keep him honest and hurry him on his way. I told him that I also do a certain amount of investigative work here in town and that I was going to have a good hard look at his profile and that if he was still in town the next day I would be glad to inform him what I had found . . . by way of having it printed on a billboard in the middle of town with his picture on it.

He assured me that would not be necessary and left in something of a hurry.

I relaxed and decided to have another cup of coffee.

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Justin Bieber Helped Him Lose Weight

I was in the Nutjob Hills Diner the other day when I saw someone that looked sorta kinda a little bit familiar. The thing is though that I could not quite place who he was no matter how hard I tried.

Finally I had to ask, “Excuse me but you look really familiar but I can’t quite place who you are.” I didn’t get any further because he started laughing.

It was Fat Freddie.

Only he wasn’t fat anymore. He said that after all the things he tried he finally hit on the big secret. He found the most powerful of all appetite suppressants over the counter, only it wasn’t in a drug store, it was in a music store. It was a Justin Bieber album.

He said that he bought that album and then every time he wanted to eat something he played the album. It worked like a charm, he told me. Every time he heard that “music”, he lost all desire for food. After three months of that he’d lost a hundred and fifty pounds.

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The Best Kind Of Promotion, Free

Got a youtube channel?

Looking for some free promotion to help get it noticed?

Then I’ve got something you’ll want to check out. Have a look at HamBroadcasts Youtube channel

Promoting other channels is all that one is about. All you need to do is contact him in a private message on Youtube. He’ll get back to you with the details. Then you make a short video introducing yourself and talk about the kind of videos you do on your channel and then send it to him. He’ll upload it on the Hambroadcasts channel where it will be seen by people who haven’t seen your channel before.

It’s a great way to get some free exposure and build your subscribers.

I did this myself recently, Here’s the video I made for HamBroadcasts: (note, I didn’t come up with the name, that was his idea)

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Genius Music Video Parody: Fat Romance

In the most recent episode of “Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to)“, one of the videos that was featured was this parody of Lady Gaga’s hit song, “Bad Romance”. I fully expect this video to go full blown viral and appear all over the place.

It was created by a soon to be big time youtube star, ShawnCorytube.

If you like this video (and let’s face it, you’ll love it.), then be sure to click here to subscribe to his youtube channel so that you won’t miss future videos!

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