There’s More To Life Than Vanity

It never ceases to amaze me just how much most people are concerned with appearances. I’m talking about the folks that wouldn’t be caught dead outside their home looking anything less than their absolute best.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that people want to look good and give a good impression but really, I don’t think there’s any need to get quite so maniacal about it as so many do.

Recently somebody commented to me that my hair had thinned quite a bit over the last ten years or so and that I should really start looking into hairpieces from so that I could look my best in spite of “that unsightly spot on the top of your head where your hair is so thin”.

I was a bit surprised. It’s true that I had noticed that thinning of my hair years ago and yeah, it’s starting to get a lot more noticeable but seriously, I am not so concerned about it that I’m going to go spending hard to get cash on ways to hide it.

Besides, in my opinion it’s not so much what’s on the outside of your head that matters as it is what’s *inside* it.

Sadly too many people just don’t get that.

Dead Grass Is Happiness

The grass in my yard has been growing slower and slower lately. In fact, I am beginning to see a few patches where the grass actually looks dead. I consider this increasing potential for a yard full of dead grass to be fantastic news.

Why would I be so glad to see the grass in my yard dying? That’s easy, I hate mowing it and I also hate paying somebody else to mow it. With the grass thoroughly stunted by the growing summer heat, it’s growth rate has dropped a lot and a yard full of dead grass will grow even less. Not at all in fact.

dead grassBecause of this not only do I not have to mow it, it will also be a longer time before I have to pay somebody else to mow it.

Personally, given the resources, I’d just as soon pave the yard and paint it green. That way it would have the green look that people expect while being so much more maintenance free.

One of these days when I’m filthy rich I’m going to do that. In the meanwhile I’ll happily settle for a yard full of dead grass.

For All The Gifted Ladies

I was out at the Nutjob Hills Grocery, Bait shop and Tire Center the other day when something really unfair happened.

You see, the grocery checkout is staffed by some very attractive young ladies. The only problem is that these women frequently wear tops that are, to say the very least, revealing. To be more specific, the girl at the checkout this time was, shall we say, rather gifted and she had chosen to display as much of that “gift” as she could get away with without being cited for indecent exposure.

Seriously, her top was cut nearly to her navel and it was also quite obvious that she was not wearing a bra either.

Naturally, being a reasonably normal unattached human male, I looked. And no, I didn’t stare like some 16 year old seeing beauties like that for the first time. I was quite discreet, forcing myself to not look directly at them. Yet she still gave me a dirty look as she slammed the receipt into my hand.

I consider this kind of thing to be one of many examples of the double standard that women everywhere seem to enjoy on a regular basis.

I’m here to say that this is bullshit.

Ladies, when you wear skimpy low cut tops you have no right to get pissed when somebody looks at your tits.

If you have the guts to wear something that can barely contain them, then you have to realize that they are going to get looked at. It’s just a fact of life.

In short, If you don’t want people looking at your tits, COVER THEM UP!

Six Wasted Characters I Hate

There is a set of six characters that, over the years, I have come to genuinely hate. They are seen everywhere in spite of the fact that there is literally NO reason for allowing their continued existance whatsoever.

Specifically I’m talking about the beginning of every single URL. They all start with "html://www.". I’m willing to concede that "html:&quote is needed to designate what kind of rescource we’re using. However the "//www." is completely and entirely unnecessary.

Just imagine the combined total savings in storage space if their use were to be entirely and completely elimniated.

Some will say that the "//" counts as a separator from the "html:" document type declaration at the beginning of a URL however I submit that there is no need for such a separator. The HTML interpreters used by web browsers could very easily be coded to recognize "html:" as the document type and that anything following it is the domain name, path and file name to load.

Websites work just fine without the "www.". In fact, years ago I configured all of my websites to automatically redirect to the "non-www" version of the url. Whether you type the &" or "" into the location bar of your web browser you will still land at "" and your web browser will not complain in the slightest.

I know that six characters isn’t much but if you multiply that times the number of URLs in use it becomes a quite staggering amount of storage that is being completely wasted with redundant characters that serve NO useful purpose whatsoever.

The Worst Part Of Being Sick

The worst part of being sick is not (as surprising as this may sound) the sickness itself.

It is not the seemingly endless coughing and gagging like I’m trying to not only “hock up a lung”, but my shoes as well.

It’s not the fact that all this coughing has ravaged my throat to the point where I am unable to speak above the softest whisper nor that my throat hurts like hell every time I try to speak.

It’s not even the fact that I *STILL* do not have any heat and the temps have been going down into the low forties at night.

It’s the fact that I’m sitting here doing this shit alone.

What I wouldn’t give to have a woman here to curl up with while I’m feelling like total shit.

Being sick is bad enough. Being sick and alone sucks diseased elephant ass through a crazy straw.