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Laptop Ressurection

July 30th, 2009

In my last post I talked about problems I’ve been having with my laptop.  How it wouldn’t boot, even from a Live CD and so on.  Well, things have changed.  After taking the advice left in a comment on that post and making a Memtest disk and checking the memory in the laptop, the memory […]

In recent weeks I’ve spent a lot of time looking into just about every kind of Internet Marketing / earning money online offer I can find in search of one that isn’t total bullshit and doesn’t take a holy fortune to get started.  In that search I’ve run across a large number of sites that use what I think is one of THE most annoying tactics I’ve ever run into.

A few days ago I posted about a “reverse racist” situation going on in a Florida high school.  I heard from Kat yesterday and she’s planning to take a trip to the school Monday since there’s apparently been nothing done about the situation yet (Big surprise eh?).

It’s a subject that many like to stay clear of because of a lot of really nasty things that’s been said and done both because of and about what this or that senseless idiots has done or said.  These actions and statements combined with the reactions to them and the retaliations make for a vicious circle where things continue to escalate until some kind of full scale war breaks out.

I did something I sincerely wish I hadn’t.  I tried out Comodo firewall.  I installed it Thursday morning and then proceeded to spend most of that day, up to 1:00am the next day trying to get rid of the thing!

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