It’s Making Me Growl

This whole thing with getting the new system working is really getting me into a serious growling mood.

First the motherboard & cpu get routed through Argentina on the way here. Then it takes what seemed like forever to get here from Argentina. I’m talking nearly four weeks!

Then, when I finally got the system put together and fired it up, nothing happened. It turns out that the motherboard is DOA because of the crappy way it was handled in shipping.

Then to top things off one of the local geek wannabe types overheard me talking about it in the Nutjob Hills diner and said that I should just have gotten a new one from pc america. I told him that would have been all well and good but this upgrade is happening on a zero budget. Unlike certain rich kids, I tend to scrape by from day to day.

I guess I had one of “those” looks in my eye when I said that because he gulped nervously and quickly left the diner.

The Good Old Days When Things Were Simple

I found myself today thinking about the good old days when the only pill I “had” to take every day was a plain old daily multivitamin. Things were so much simpler then. Especially since it wasn’t even a major “have to” and didn’t matter a bit if I missed it for several days or even a week or two at a time.

Now when I get up in the morning and fix my morning coffee I am reminded every day how different things are. Instead of that one multivitamin pill, I get to take no less than a dozen pills of various descriptions and purposes. Some of them several times a day.

All I can say is that I am SO thankful for Medicare part D which pays the lions share of the cost for them. If I had to buy them at full retail I wouldn’t be able to take most of them.

I need to change the subject. Things like this make me feel old and I don’t *DO* “old”!

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New Video Coming Soon

Bob’s been busy for the last week or so getting ready for the next edition of “Points of View. Of course, I can’t help wondering just how he’s been doing that while spending so much of his time on massage tables.

I don’t know. Perhaps he’s getting limbered up to give somebody a severe arse kicking in the next video. I guess we’ll find out soon, won’t we?

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