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The Latest Aggravation

December 2nd, 2011

There are a wealth of things (and people!) that I find aggravating to one degree or another.  Some of Bob’s excesses is one example.  The overall rudeness of most people is another.  Then there’s the skyrocketing cost of just about everything. The latest addition to this list is the changes that youtube pushed out yesterday […]

Over the last couple of years there’s been a lot of this kind of story in the news.  Some blogger tries to publish something anonymously on a blog, almost always with the intent of exposing something they see as an injustice of some kind, and next thing you know the person, company or government is […]

Bogus Watch TV Site

November 1st, 2009

One of the tv shows that I miss watching is Smallville.  We lost the ability to see it in this area shortly after the end of season four and while I’ve been able to find a clip or two now and then on YouTube and other sites, nowhere have I found a site where I […]

In the last few days that both Google and YouTube suddenly can’t seem to figure out where I am or what language I prefer.  Both seem to have decided that I’m in France and have started to default to offering me content in French.  I’ll also not that this doesn’t change even if I log […]

Ban The WWW. !

October 15th, 2009

I finally saw a partial answer to something that’s been bugging me for years.  A NY Times article had a story in which Tim Berners-Lee (one of the instrumental architects of the world wide web) was asked if he had it all to do over again, is there anything he’d do over again.  Mr. Berners-Lee […]

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