Maybe you are, but I’m not.


If you like my videos, whether it be My Tinfoilchefdotcom channel with my YTO (YouTube Orbit) vlogs, my Phat Trek videos, The Troll, Epicman, Bob the opinionated gerbil, Sir Gorf the talking British frog, Watching Bad Videos (so you don't have to), WFRT News and other semi-random videos....

... Or the Minecraft videos on my channel and would like to help make it easier for me to make them, feel free to send a donation of any amount. All donations will go towards paying bills and getting better hardware and software for video recording and editing.

Things like a computer that is better suited to gaming than my laptop is.  Something with a graphics card that is jacked up enough to run both Minecraft and Fraps at the same time. 

I'm currently building a new desktop computer.

what I already have:

micro-ATX tower
450Watt atx power supply
windows keyboard
17inch monitor
optical mouse

Still needed:

reasonably modern motherboard & cpu
several gigabytes of memory
reasonably modern Nvidea video card
good size hard drive
sound card.

For that matter it'd be pretty useful to get the paid for version of Fraps (and no, I don't mean getting a cracked copy!) because from all that I've seen and read, it really is the best program for the job.

As for the paying bills part.  I think that one's pretty self explanatory.  Paying the bills just isn't very easy at all these days.  Especially when you're financially very deep in the hole like I've been since my wife died two years ago.

Anyone who donates will get a shout-out in an upcoming video and an in-game landmark or structure will be named in honor of them.  (Yeah I know I'm not the first to do that but that's ok, it's still a good idea.)


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