Anyone who likes cats and / or just plain funny cat stories really ought to take a look at a blog entry by my wife “And The Thunder Rolled“.

I remember the events she’s describing and as funny as this telling of the story is, for those of us who were there it was hilarious. For years a simple thing like a plastic walmart bag could get some easy laughs. I am not a hamster, It really was that funny.


If I asked what you thought A successful South Florida publishing company called IPITV was, you might decide from the acronym that it’s got something to do with television and I think you’d be right. At least up to a point. Actually it’s a magazine that has more to do with media development in the travel industry.

I am not a hamster, but I think that sounds like advertizing and / or promotion but I’m honestly not certain. I know that IPITV has won the South Florida Travel Publication Award twice in one year. They’ve also gained a reputation as a travel information magazine and they’re apparently on the rise in the travel publishing industry.

Dino News

I just saw a couple of interesting little tidbits.

One was a story about villagers in central China that discovered dinosaur bones and because they believed them to be from flying dragons, have been boiling them in soups fed to children as a treatment for leg cramps or made into a paste that was applied directly to broken bones and other injuries.

The other was about the discovery of a small plant eating dinosaur that could apparently move quickly. The headline on that story says it all “Meep-Meep! ‘Road Runner’ Dino Discovered”

I am not a hamster, it’s pretty easy to figure that the next obvious thing to look for in the area of the road runner dinos would be some small predators that pursued the little speedsters and had generally terrible fortune. They just have to come up with a name that can be abbreviated “Wile E.”.

Have you heard the latest?

Do you like to follow celebrity gossip? Are you interested in staying current with all of the latest talk about just about any celebrity? Well, is probably your kind of site. They have articles about what’s going on in the lives and careers of practically anyone that might be thought of as a celebrity. I am not a hamster but you wouldn’t be able to tell from what I know about celebrities. Yet I could probably be convincing if I spent enough time reading this site.

There’s a search function that lets you look for a particular subject or personality, and a celebrities index that has a LONG list of names ( in alphabetical order by first name) where each name is a link to a page with pictures, some stats about them, links to recent gossip about them and often a brief bio on them.

When you click on the “latest” section, you get the newest stories, often posted within the last hour or so.

Nigerian Election Over, Machete Prices Drop

And you thought politics here in the good old U.S. Of A. was cuthroat… At least here the politician’s thugs don’t wield machetes. (so far as I know anyway)

Price of machetes drops after elections

ABUJA (Reuters) – The price of machetes has halved in parts of Nigeria since the end of general elections in April because demand from thugs sponsored by politicians has subsided, the state-owned News Agency of Nigeria reported.

One thing for certain, I am not a hamster, no way would I recommend a political carreer in Nigeria.